A family tradition in the apparel industry going back 58 years.

Albert Lemmen started working in the apparel industry in 1960 , manufacturing shirts and suits in the Dutch city of Groningen.After this period Albert started to work for De Berkel (Professional Clothing) in Ter Apel.From here the work takes Albert to Malta , Sri Lanka , former Yugoslavia and Poland.In 1992 Albert takes his son Geert with him to Poland. Together Albert, Geert and the brother of Albert , Berend , transfer 2 old buildings in Zlocieniec in a large production location with over 600 seamstresses. Albert went with retirement in the late 1990’s.Geert went on in the apparel industry doing his work in Poland , Moldavia , Ukraine , Macedonia , Albania and short periods in other European countries. All these years , Albert and Geert were (nearly) all the time employed by De Berkel (Professional Clothing) from the Netherlands.

In May 2017 , Geert and his wife Aleksandra decided to start up their own company “LEMMEN” , specialising in apparel consulting and services: “LEMMEN” Apparel Consultants and Services

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